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Smiths Connectors is now Smiths Interconnect


Spring probes are designed to optimize performance in high reliability, multicycle applications. Smiths Connectors spring probes are compliant which makes them ideal for blind mate applications as they self correct for x, y, z, rotational and angular misalignment of the target. Offered in compressed heights less than 2 mm and utilized on pitches as tight as 0.4 mm, they are well suited for high density, board-to-board, battery contact and high frequency applications.
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Custom C Series Connectors

  • Standard probes offered in custom configurations
  • 0.100" pitch
  • Ground, power and signal probe options
  • Surface mount, thru-hole and solder cup terminations
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  • Utilizes low profile, high density spring probe technology
  • Compression mount termination options
  • Design flexibility
  • Spring probe arrays configured to match required footprint
  • Integrated alignment, latching and sealing features
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  • Blind mate capability
  • Compression mount
  • Reliable electrical performance
  • PCB and cable termination options
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Custom Sealed Connectors

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  • Meets IP and MIL standard sealing requirements
  • Rugged, reliable probes
  • Long insertion life
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  • High insertion life
  • Suited for blind mate connections
  • Low profile, high compliance ratio
  • 18 Burgundy 10 Shirt 2017 totti Nike Roma Home Ideal for high shock and vibration environments
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  • Long cycle life
  • Stable contact resistance
  • Burgundy Roma 10 totti 2017 Nike Shirt 18 Home Superior compliance
  • Reliable signal integrity
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Dovetail Connectors

  • Custom configurations
  • Mixed functionality within single connector
  • Immediate delivery
  • Home Shirt Burgundy Nike 2017 Roma 18 10 totti Reliable in shock and vibration environments
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  • Lightweight, robust, quick release, miniature connector
  • IP67 sealing, EMI shielding 
  • Available in both circular (7, 13, 19 way) and rectangular (12, 21, 30 ways)
  • Equipped with Hyperspring contacts
  • Designed to protect the electrical interface against extreme environmental conditions
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Standard Spring Probes

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  • Long cycle life
  • Stable contact resistance
  • Superior compliance
  • Reliable signal integrity
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